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Breeding Project Index

One of the biggest reasons why I continure to play Dragon Cave is breeding.. for myself, for requests or just to abandon. Designing projects and lineages keep things interesting, and keep me challenged. There are endless combinations and possibilities available; the ones that I'm serious about have their own pages within this section of my website.

Current Projects

  • Project Avatar - the goal here is to breed Avatars from every eligible breed of dragon in the Cave
  • Project Hybrid - breeding geodes, hellhorses, shallow waters, soulpeace, two-finned blunas, golden undines and ultraviolets
  • Game of Thrones lineages - personal project using two-headed Nexus dragons. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I am breeding dragons representing the Stark, Targaryen, Arryn, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Martell, Tully and Tyrell families.
  • Rise of the Targaryens - group project involving two-headed Gilded Bloodscale dragons, created by Avarule
  • Musical project - group project using Royal Blue x White dragons, where all the dragon names are song titles and share the common name Musical
  • Pure Silver - purebred Silver lineage
  • Project Zombie - the goal here is to create a Zombie dragon for each eligible dragon breed in the Cave.
  • Dragonriders of Pern - group project based on the Pern novels. I am Weyrwoman/Weyrleader of Telgar Weyr


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